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Model:            EDX1000H

Capacity:        1000VA/700Watts, (4) IEC C13 (10A)

Model:            EDX2000H

Capacity:        2000VA/1400Watts, (4) IEC C13 (10A)

Model:            EDX3000H

Capacity:        3000VA/2700Watts, (4) IEC C13 (10A)


Reliable Power Protection for Today’s Computing Environments


• Online double-conversion topology assures maximum reliability
• Wide input voltage range appropriate for the harshest electrical environments
• Standard models for fixed run-time performance
• Tested for generator compatibility
• Automatic bypass for fault tolerance
• Optional SNMP communications provide remote network-based monitoring
• XL models for customized, long run time applications, with fast recharging
• Cold start-on-battery power allows portable power
• WINPOWER software monitors power conditions
• Intuitive front-panel user interface for consistent status indication


Online double-conversion topology
This topology guarantees a consistently high level of power quality. Any disturbances on the distribution waveform are regenerated via the AC to DC then DC to AC conversion process. The battery is used only as a backup source.

High performance and reliability
DX uses High Frequency technology to bring its users a compact. UPS that delivers perfect sine wave output.

Wide input voltage range
DX UPS have a very wide input voltage range of up to 120-300V, optimized to improve compatibility with engine generator sets and reduce the numbers of transfer to battery power. The batteries are
used only for the most serious incidents, maximizing available backup time and extending battery life.

Automatic bypass
In case of overload or UPS fault, the DX UPS automatically transfers the load to utility AC power.


E-Series DX Options are available..

  • CMC Modbus Card
  • SNMP Card
  • USB Card


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