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Capacity:      6000VA/4800Watts, Handwired

Capacity:     10000VA/8000Watts, Handwired

Capacity:     15000VA/12000Watts, Handwired

Capacity:     20000VA/16000Watts, Handwired


Essential Online UPS

Reliability and performance
• The Eaton 9E constantly monitors power conditions and regulates voltage and frequency due to the online double conversion topology
• Power more servers than most similar UPSs due to a 0.8 power factor
• Trust a leading manufacturer with decades of experience and high quality standards: CE compliance certified by external agency (CB report from the TUV)


• Get clear information on the UPS’ status and measurements (load level, battery level, input/output voltage and frequency) on a single screen with the new LCD interface
• Easily communicate with the UPS through USB, RS232 serial or over the network with the optional network card (Network-MS). Relay cards or ModBus cards are also available.
• Integrate 9E into all software environments. The Eaton 9E is delivered with Eaton’s Intelligent Power™ Software and is compatible with all major OS including advanced integration in VMware vCenter and Microsoft Hyper-V.


• The internal bypass allows service continuity in case of an internal fault. A maintenance bypass is also available as standard for easy maintenance of the UPS without powering down critical systems.
• Make your installation more flexible with a combo input (3:1 and 1:1) on the 10kVA, 15kVA, and 20kVA
• Extend runtime as you like by adding up to 4 external battery modules (EBM). For extra-long runtime, XL models with internal supercharger are also available at 10kVA and 20kVA.


EATON 9E Options are...

  • EATON 9E EBM 180V for 9E6Ki
  • EATON 9E EBM 240V for 9E10Ki
  • EATON 9E EBM 480V for 9E15Ki and 9E20Ki
  • Network and MODBUS Card-MS
  • Network Card-MS
  • Relay Card-MS


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